Someone who bares the credentials and has the ability to open locks and generate keys. Have you ever locked your key in you home or your car? Sometimes calling a locksmith isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You might try a hanger or a butter knife first right? Well with home and auto security becoming more sophisticated, calling a locksmith is now the better option, saving you time and the costly replacement of your lock.

Furthermore, if you’ve lost your keys, calling a locksmith is essential. a good locksmith can quote a price over the phone, saving you the hassle of having surprises once the locksmith has already started working on your vehicle. With most vehicle’s newer than 1998, you should expect that your key has a chip in the key. This tiny chip has a unique ID that must be programmed into your car’s computer. This prevents theft by screwdriver or by forcing the ignition over. The car will only start once it recognizes this chip.

Here is a key that I’ve cut the plastic away from the head exposing the chip.

We carry specialized programming equipment that programs these keys to your cars computer through your vehicle’s OBDII Port.

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