RML, Inc. is a premier locksmith company, serving the entire Denver Metro Area. We repair and replace commercial door hardware, service electronic locks and keys as well as safes since 2002. We have provide a quality service at an exceptional value.

What makes RML unique in the industry?

RML Inc. prides itself on being the whole solution and the best solution, the first time. Understanding the importance of security, we partner with lock manufacturers and suppliers around the world to bring you the quickest, most accurate resolution to your lock, key, or safe issues.

What are RML’s greatest strengths?

Our 17 years experience in the locksmith industry here in the Denver Metro Area is one of our greatest strengths. Another great strength of ours is our use of the latest technology to help us solve problems and remain a leader in the industry. Lastly, coming from Grandparents and a father who served in the US Military, work ethic being the paramount in our success.

RML’s experience

Nearly 40 Years ago Dan Fisher (my Late Uncle) got into Locksmithing and became a Certified Master Locksmith. He brought many years of trade secrets and became a very reliable source for my foundation in the locksmith industry. My background is in Technical Support fixing computers, where I developed a tried and true formula for solving any technical problems which I brought with me to the Locksmithing trade. With a long running streak of not turning away any work, we’ve developed a very wide range of experience in commercial doors and hardware, safes, electronic locks, keypads and much more.

Why should a client choose RML, Inc.?

We truly bring the whole solution every time. We utilize our resources for manufacturer support to provide the highest level quality work. Professionalism and customer satisfaction is Guaranteed every time.